(Deadline: 6 months to 1 year before the activity)

A page on our website will be dedicated to your event. Therefore, please provide us with the following elements:

  1. A brief description of the activity (EN and FR).
  2. A list of guest speakers along with their affiliation and email address.


  1. Online financial support request form if you plan to partially cover travel costs for students, young researchers.
  2. Online submission form if you want to organize a poster session.

(Deadline: 6 months to 1 year before the activity)

We suggest you first send an informal invitation to the speakers you wish to invite. Official invitation letters from the CRM, specifying the funding offered, will then be sent by email to each invitee.

Possible financing offers depending on the budget:

To be noted: Expect prices to increase in the coming years contrary to the budget.

The budget with the funding offered to speakers must be established 1 year in advance.

Financial support for participants can cover the following 3 components:

  1. Travel expenses

Travel expenses must be economy class.

Link to DF-8 and economic class table (only in French)

Limited to round-trip transport between home and accommodation at the activity location, including transfers from/to the airport.

Note : The CRM cannot reserve tickets.

  1. Accommodation
  • If reserved by the CRM: direct billing to the CRM;
  • If reservation made by participants: reimbursement up to the maximum offered.
  1. Subsistence costs

Meals and/or subsistence expenses deemed valid according to UdeM standards.

  • Maximum $65/day if accommodation is covered;
  • Maximum $105/day if accommodation is not covered.

(Deadline: 3 months before the workshop)

A registration fee must be charged for each activity.

These fees are necessary to partially cover the costs of coffee breaks. We will also need to know the approximate number of participants expected.

Other social activities such as reception and/or banquet must be self-funded via additional registration fees.

The minimum registration fees per week are as follows:

  • 25 $ per students;
  • 50 $ per postdoctoral researchers;
  • 100 $ per professors;
  • Amount to be determined for social activities, allow for fees of $30 to $150.

Note 1: Take into consideration in the budget that speakers generally do not pay registration fees, however they must pay fees for social activities.

Note 2: The organizers are responsible for organizing the banquets.


(Deadline: 2 months before the activity)


In order to provide technical assistance, we will need to know the mode of presentation of the activity: face-to-face or hybrid.


If you would like certain sessions to be recorded on Zoom and/or broadcast on YouTube, you must make a request and explain the reasons, as we will need to provide the necessary resources.


(Deadline: 2 months before the