The budget consists of the following components. The amounts will depend on the duration and amplitude of the proposed program:

  1. NSERC funding: costs related to the scientific activities included in the program: workshops, schools, graphic design (posters and web page banners);
  2. Up to 2 Aisenstadt chairs;
  3. Simons funding (subject to extension of our grant, spring 2024):
  • 1. Visiting professors and scholars;
  • 2. 1 full or 2 halves postdoctoral fellow support;
  • 3. In exceptional cases: support for 1 teaching-relief for an organizer;
  1. FRQ funding: French researchers participating in thematic program activities;
  2. CNRS-IRL possible support for long-term stays for French researchers (to be discussed with the IRL director);
  3. Outside sources: organizers are encouraged to apply for financial support from other organizations, such as NSF, Clay Mathematics Institute, etc.

Note : We strongly suggest avoiding organizing activities on public holidays.

If this were to be the case the support provided by the CRM would take into account the additional overtime cost for the personel, the amound would be subsumed within the budget offered.


(Deadline: 1 year before the beginning of the program)

A page on our website will be dedicated to your event. Therefore, please provide us with the following elements:

  1. Brief descriptions of the program in English and French;
  2. Brief descriptions of the workshops, in English and French, with planned dates;
  3. A list of guest speakers along with their affiliations and email addresses;
  4. Biography in English and French of the Aisenstadt Chairs.

There will be an online registration form for each activity

We can provide the following optional components:

  1. Online financial support request form if you plan to partially cover travel costs for students, young researchers.
  2. Online submission form if you want to organize a poster session.

(Deadline: 6 months before the beginning of the program)

We can prepare a physical and digital poster including the title, event dates, brief description, organizers, financial partners, speaker list (optional) and any other information you wish to add.

The approximate cost is $2,500 for 200 17×23 inch copies + web page banners.

Please send us a high-resolution image related to your theme so that we can submit them to our graphic designer for the design of the poster.


(Deadline: 6 months to 1 year before the beginning of the program)

We suggest you first send an informal invitation to the speakers you wish to invite. Official invitation letters from the CRM, specifying the funding offered, will then be sent by email to each invitee.

Possible financing offers depending on the budget:

To be noted: Expect prices to increase in the coming years contrary to the budget.

The budget with the funding offered to speakers must be established 1 year in advance.

Financial support for participants can cover the following 3 components:

  1. Travel expenses

Travel expenses must be economy class.