The governing structure of the CRM is composed of a Board of Directors, the Assembly of the members, an International Scientific Advisory Committee, a Local Scientific Committee, a Management Committee and a Committee of Directors of Laboratories.

The Board of Directors is composed of  mathematicians and academic administrators from partner universities. Among its duties, the Board adopts the Centre’s policies.

The Assembly of the members is composed of all regular members. Other members are invited to take part in the meetings but do not have the right to vote.

The International Scientific Advisory Committee is composed of ten or more researchers from Canada and abroad. It advises on scientific programs and policies of the Centre.

The Local Scientific Committee is composed of six or seven local mathematicians (including the Director). It advises the Director on questions that concern the scientific programs of the CRM.

The Management Committee is composed of the Director, the incoming Director and the Deputy Directors. The Committee prepares the annual report, the budget, and the financial statements; it also submits to the Board of Directors recommendations concerning the nomination of regular and associate members, and studies any question aimed at improving the everyday operations of the CRM.

The Committee of Directors of Laboratories is composed of the directors of the CRM’s ten laboratories and members of the Management Committee.

As an institute dedicated to research in mathematical sciences, the CRM is committed to offer an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment to all members of its mathematical community. To this end, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established so that diverse voices can participate and contribute equitably at all levels of its organisation. The CRM rejoices in the diversity of its members and it encourages access to activities for all, regardless of their individual characteristics, including gender, age, religion, living with a disability, being a member of First peoples, of a racialized group or of any other marginalized group. The CRM wants to celebrate and highlight the diversity of its community and to incite mathematical curiosity in the largest possible audience by opening its doors as wide as possible!

The Outreach Committee formed in the fall of 2022 serves to coordinate the mathematical sciences promotion efforts of the CRM and its partners.