Apply and Useful Information

The CRM offers postdoctoral fellowships in the program of CRM-ISM Postdoctoral Fellowships. These fellowships are awarded on the basis of merit to promising researchers from around the world who have recently earned, or will soon earn, their PhD in the mathematical sciences. Eligibility criteria and nomination procedures are clearly defined for each program.

The CRM contributes to several research residency funding programs. The research visits program Simons-CRM Scholar-in-Residence is intended for researchers in mathematics and related fields, invited for stays of several months. The CRM-CNRS Laboratory also offers scholarships. Finally, it is possible to obtain a financial support for living expenses to participate in any of the activities organized by the CRM as part of its thematic programs or its general program.

Administrative and migration formalities

For any prolonged stay at the CRM (postdoctoral fellows and visiting researchers), it is important to complete certain administrative and migratory formalities (for non-Canadian residents).

Postdoctoral Fellows

You have received an offer to do a postdoctoral fellowship at the CRM. You will therefore be registered as a postdoctoral fellow at the Université de Montréal. There are a series of formalities to be completed and documents to be gathered before you can begin this internship.

In managing your file and communicating with you, the Université de Montréal uses terminology that is important to master. To help you better understand what follows, here are some of the most frequently used terms :

Code permanent : number assigned to you by the Université de Montréal when you register. It consists of the first 3 letters of your name, the first letter of your first name and 8 digits. The permanent code is used to identify you to institutional and government services.

UNIP : personal identification number. A temporary UNIP is assigned to you after you register. It allows you to connect to the e-mail service and to your UdeM portal. It is the equivalent of your institutional password.

UdeM portal: home portal that allows you to access your file, your emails, your reader file (library), your pers