The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) and the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) solicit nominations for the CRM-SSC Prize awarded in recognition of a statistical scientist’s professional accomplishments in research during the first fifteen years after having received a doctorate.

This award recognizes a statistical scientist’s excellence and accomplishments in research during the first fifteen years after earning his/her doctorate (or equivalent degree). The award, which includes a $ 3,000 cash prize, is bestowed upon a Canadian citizen or permanent resident whose work was carried out primarily in Canada.

To be eligible for a prize awarded in year N, a candidate must have received his/her Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) in year N – 15 or subsequently. The committee may exceptionally consider candidates who have received their degree prior but very near to year N – 15, if it can be demonstrated that special circumstances, such as parental leaves or other leaves of absence from work, delayed professional achievements. Current membership in the Statistical Society of Canada is not a prerequisite.

Nominations should be addressed to the Director of the Centre de recherches mathématiques, and sent via e-mail to by February 1 of the calendar year in which the award is to be made. The nomination should be accompanied by at least three and no more than four letters of support, an up-to-date curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, and a suggested citation to accompany the award. The award is normally presented at the Annual Meeting of the SSC. The awardee is expected to give a presentation about his/her research work at the SSC meeting and at the Centre de recherches mathématiques. As nomination files are not carried over from one year to the next, nominations must be renewed each year.

2023 Zhou Zhou (Toronto)
2022 Pengfei Li (Waterloo)
2021 Jiguo Cao (Simon Fraser)
2020 Erica Moodie (McGill)
2019 Johanna Nešlehová (McGill)
2018 David Haziza (Montréal)
2017 Lei Sun (Toronto)
2016 Radu Craiu (Toronto)
2015 Matías Salibán-Barrera (UBC)
2014 Fang Yao (Toronto)
2013 Derek Bingham (Simon Fraser)
2012 Changbao Wu (Waterloo)
2011 Edward Susko (Dalhousie)
2010 Grace Y. Yi (Waterloo)
2009 Hugh Chipman (Acadia)
2008 Paul Gustafson (UBC)
2007 Richard Cook (Waterloo)
2006 Jeffrey Rosenthal (Toronto)
2005 Jiahua Chen (Waterloo)
2004 Randy Sitter (Simon Fraser)
2003 Charmaine Dean (Simon Fraser)
2002 Larry Wasserman (Carnegie Mellon)
2001 Colleen D. Cutler (Waterloo)
2000 Robert J. Tibshirani (Stanford)
1999 Christian Genest (Laval)