Industrial Applications

Mathematics is a living, developing science whose impact is now felt in all scientific disciplines. The CRM has taken on the role of creating links between disciplines that make intensive use of mathematical tools and the industrial sector, which is now faced with problems of previously unknown mathematical complexity. 

Since 2007, the CRM has been organizing workshops on industrial problem solving. These workshops bring together industry representatives, university researchers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Participants form teams, each of which analyzes a problem provided by a company or a public or para-public organization. The main goals of these workshops are to provide companies or organizations with mathematical tools for problem solving, and to allow academic researchers in applied mathematics to examine concrete problems. These workshops are considered as “incubators” of collaborations between companies and academic researchers because the work done during the workshops can lead to medium and long term projects, thanks to various funding sources.

In addition, the CRM contributes to the organization of schools, workshops and conferences that attract hundreds of people each year from the academic and industrial communities on strategic and promising topics for the Quebec and Canadian economy.