Here is the list of problems submitted to the workshop, along with the institutions that propose them and their coordinators. Please click on the following link to obtain a description of the problems.

Complete description of the problems

1. Contact centre staffing forecasting (Air Canada) Janosch Ortmann (UQAM)

2. Spot rate tool – Change factor simulator (Air Canada) Sylvain Perron (HEC Montréal)

3. Data cleansing and transaction tracing (Autorité des marchés financiers) Jean-François Plante (HEC Montréal)

4. Estimate water levels extremes at ungauged locations along the St. Lawrence fluvial estuary (Environment and Climate Change Canada) Samuel Perreault (University of Toronto)

5. Characteristics and forecasting of turbulence (International Air Transport Association) Mike Lindstrom (UTRGV)

6. Pattern identification in a transactions data bank (Revenu Québec) Gilles Caporossi (HEC Montréal)

Initial Presentations

Air Canada 1 and 2, AMF, ECCC, IATA, Revenu Québec

Final Presentations

Air Canada 1, Air Canada 2, AMF, ECCC, IATA, Revenu Québec