9h00 – Welcome

9h30 – Simone Brugapaglia (CRM-Concordia, IRL-CRM)

  • Invariance, encodings, and generalization: learning identity effects with neural networks

10h00 – Pablo Piantanida (CentraleSupélec/CNRS et directeur de l’IRL-ILLS)

  • Information-theoretic methods for trustworthy machine learning

10h45 – Coffee break

11h15 – Yves D’Angelo (Université de Nice Cote d’Azur et futur directeur de l’IRL-CRM)

  • EEM approach for pre-mixed wrinkled flames

11h45 – Aditya Mahajan (McGill University, IRL-ILLS)

  • Approximate planning and learning for partially observed systems

12h30 – Lunch

14h00 – Olivier Lafitte (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord et directeur de l’IRL-CRM)

  • Band spectrum and integrated density of states for a 1d Schrodinger operator

14h30 – Mark Coates (McGill University et co-directeur de l’IRL-ILLS)

  • Avoiding message passing in graph transformers

15h15 – Coffee break

15h45 – Rémi Coulon (IRL-CRM, DR CNRS)

  • Exploring non-euclidean geometries in virtual reality

16h15 – Christian Desrosiers (Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, IRL-ILLS)

  • Image analysis with unlabeled data: Doing more with less