Establishment of the Jiri Patera and Pavel Winternitz Fund

The Centre de recherches mathématiques would like to express its gratitude to Mrs. Tatiana Patera who generously donated $30,000 to the CRM. This amount will be allocated to the Jiri Patera and Pavel Winternitz Fund, in memory of these two researchers who were members of the CRM throughout their careers at the Université de Montréal.

The purpose of this donation is to support the development of mathematical physics in Montreal. In particular, the money donated to this fund will be used to hold an annual event where a renowned researcher, working at the intersection of mathematics and physics, will present recent developments in mathematical physics and interact with senior and junior CRM researchers.

These events are intended to provide, in particular, students and postdoctoral fellows with the opportunity to interact with the guest. As mentoring of young people and the attraction of new ideas has been a hallmark of Dr. Patera’s career, this gift aims to continue his scientific and human legacy.

Many scientists have been influenced by these two colleagues. A crowdfunding site will be launched shortly so that anyone who wishes can contribute to the Fund in their memory.

Published On: 25 January 2023

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