Robert Haslhofer and Egor Shelukin are the winners of the 2020 André Aisenstadt Prize

This year, the André-Aisenstadt Prize recognizes the talent of two young Canadian mathematicians: Robert Haslhofer (Université de Toronto) and Egor Shelukin (Université de Montréal). The CRM International Scientific Advisory Committee met to select this year’s winner and was so impressed with their accomplishments that it recommended that both be awarded the prize. This is rarely done and is certainly an expression of high appreciation.

Robert Haslhofer (University of Toronto)

Mean curvature flow through neck-singularities

Abstract: A family of surfaces moves by mean curvature flow if the velocity at each point is given by the mean curvature vector. Mean curvature flow first arose as a model of evolving interfaces and has been extensively studied over the last 40 years.
In this talk, I will give an introduction and overview for a general mathematical audience. To gain some intuition we will first consider the one-dimensional case of evolving curves. We will then discuss Huisken’s classical result that the flow of convex surfaces always converges to a round point. On the other hand, if the initial surface is not convex we will