Registration for the 2023 École Langlands now open

Registration for the 2023 École Langlands du Centre de recherches mathématiques is now open.

The francophone summer school, which will be held August 28-30, will feature three mini-courses for undergraduate students. This activity is made possible by the CRM’s Langlands Endowment Fund, which aims to support the promotion of mathematics in French.

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Robert Langlands

Robert Laglands is one of the most influential contemporary mathematicians. He is best known for a set of very profound conjectures, the study of which is now known as the Langlands program. Throughout his career, Professor Langlands received numerous awards. Namely, his work earned him the Wolf Prize in 1996 and the Abel Prize in 2018. Beyond mathematics, Professor Langlands is interested in language learning and the pursuit of mathematical research in these languages. In addition to English, he is fluent in French, Turkish and German. In 2019 he set up an endowment fund at the CRM to support scientific research and training activities in French.
Published On: 5 July 2023