En Avant MATH! video clips

As part of the En avant MATH! initiative, the Centre de recherches mathématiques is pleased to present 4 video clips that aim to support parents and educators of children aged 3 to 5 in their learning of mathematics.

If, as a popular book says, “everything happens before the age of 6,” it is of utmost importance to stimulate young children and support them in their learning of various mathematical aspects through relevant and fun activities. This learning will continue throughout the students’ school years.  These support activities in mathematics will certainly take place at school, but also at home.  In fact, parents will spontaneously “do math” with their children. They will teach them the number rhyme, to count objects, to show their age with their fingers. The parent will point to and name the geometric figures represented in a book. Everyday life is full of opportunities to “do math”! There is so much to do!

The video clips aim to support parents, based on what they are already doing, by presenting activities that are easy and inexpensive to reproduce at home. They also present questions and mathematical discussions that parents can have with their children so that the game or activity does not remain at the action level, but leads to reflection and mathematical development in preschoolers.

A team of four expert teachers in the field, with the support of professionals from the Société de formation à distance des commissions scolaires du Québec (SOFAD), has developed four animated clips that feature children aged 3 to 5 and their parents in everyday situations, such as at the grocery store, in the park, in the living room and on a walk.  Various mathematical concepts are worked on in each of the clips: number sense and its various components, spatial relationships, geometry, measurement, and problem solving. These concepts are related to the preschool program.

These video clips, which are free of copyright, can be found on the Youtube channel of the Centre de recherches mathématiques.

Published On: 14 April 2023