Kaisa Matomäki and Maksym Radziwiłł to receive the 2023 Cole Prize

The 2023 winners of the Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory are Kaisa Matomäki, James Newton, Maksym Radziwill, and Jack Thorne. The American Mathematical Society awards the prize every three years to recognize “a notable research work in number theory that has appeared in the last six years. The work must be published in a recognized, peer-reviewed venue.” The prize recognises Matomäki and Radziwiłł’s breakthrough paper “Multiplicative functions in short intervals”, which was conceived and developed during the winter 2014 CRM thematic semester, co-organised by CRM member Andrew Granville (Université de Montreal), whose mentorship is evoked in the laureates’ response to the prize.

The two previous Cole prizes in Number Theory also recognized work done in Montreal. The 2020 laureate James Maynard’s papers, “Small gaps between primes” and “Large gaps between primes”, were both written when he was a CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellow in 2013-2014. The 2017 winner, CRM member Henri Darmon (McGill Professor and CICMA Director) was recognized for his work on the arithmetic of elliptic curves and modular forms.

Published On: 16 November 2022