CRM Research grant for ISM courses given online

To make the content of certain specialized ISM courses available to a broader audience, in particular potential students and collaborators, the CRM is offering a research grant of $2,000 to eligible professors who give their ISM courses on Zoom. The selected courses will be streamed live as well as recorded and available to a wide audience. The links for the Zoom and course materials will be available on the ISM website on the course page. The proposed courses could be scheduled during the fall 2022 or winter 2023 semester.

Conditions :


1) The university offering the course must agree to the terms, namely, that the course be offered on an online platform and that the content be available to a wide audience.

2) The course must be a specialized research course that is not offered every year.

Applications should be sent to and include the course title and outline as well as a letter from the applicant’s department confirming that the university allows the course to be open to a wide audience.

The Research grant can be used to pay for all expenses that are eligible with a FRQNT grant.

Application deadline: August 1st, 2022

Published On: 19 April 2022